Little Grove Preschool

Little Grove is a half-day, Montessori preschool located in Downtown Asheville.  Our daily schedule includes outdoor time, a Montessori work cycle, group circle/story time, snack, and lunch in our multi-age classrooms. Little Grove is partnering with Mountain City Public Montessori to offer quality care and education provided by experienced Montessori educators. 

Our mission is to provide an enriching community where children can learn and grow. 
Following the Montessori method, we encourage discovery and play with hands-on materials in an intentionally curated environment under the guidance of highly-trained educators.  At Little Grove, we seek to nurture children’s innate curiosity while meeting their unique social, emotional, and developmental needs so they can thrive. 

"The hands are the instrument of [...] intelligence" - Maria Montessori

Little Grove at a glance...

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