Nutrition at Little Grove

Supporting the Whole Child...

At Little Grove, we are growing not only healthy minds, but healthy bodies as well.  We're proud to offer delicious, wholesome, scratch-made meals at no additional cost to our families.  We do this by working with Southside Kitchen and the Equal Plates Project, whose mission is to make all plates equal by serving as the link between local farmers and the community.

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Snack in the Montessori Classroom is available throughout the morning workcycle. Children may choose to eat snack when they are ready. This helps them to develop a healthy awareness of their own hunger cues, and reduces adult-imposed transitions during focused play. Children serve themselves and eat at a designated table alone or with a few friends. When they are finished, they clean up their dishes before moving on. In this way, snack time presents its own lesson, and children strengthen fine motor coordination and develop a sense of independence, responsibility, and pride.